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Brakes & Suspension

Brake Pads and rotors in Orangeville, ON

Restore Brake & Suspension Performance

Each time you get behind the wheel, you're in control thanks to a complex network of systems and parts working together to provide the handling and stopping power you need to reach your destination.

When problems with the suspension system or brake system disrupt normal driving conditions, you need a team of seasoned technicians to diagnose the cause and provide the solution.

At Orangeville Auto Care, we specialize in brake repair and suspension repair services. From shock and strut replacement to the installation of new brake pads and rotors, we have the right parts and tools to restore automotive performance.

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We serve Orangeville, ON, Caledon Village, ON, Shelburne, ON, Grand Valley, ON, Hillsburgh, ON, and surrounding areas.

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When Do I Need Brake Service?

Brake Service in Orangeville, ON

During the life of your vehicle, you should expect to replace the brake pads and rotors at least once. How frequently you'll need brake service depends on how often you drive, where you drive, and the quality of the brake parts installed.

Here are a few problems that require brake service:

  • Brake Pedal Hard to Push
  • Brake Pedal Too Easy to Push
  • High Squeal or Grind when Stopping
  • Uneven Rotor Wear

It's recommended you ask a service technician to check your brakes around the same time as a tire rotation - roughly every six months. Understanding the rate of wear for your brake system will help you plan ahead for brake pad and rotor replacement.

Our services include:

The power to stop safely can be the difference between a close call and the exchange of insurance information. A daily commute in a local town or city will see you stopping frequently at lights or for pedestrians. If your brake system isn't performing like it should, have your brakes checked to identify the source of the problem and have it fixed.

Suspension Repair

Suspension System Service in Orangeville, ON

The suspension system helps maintain a smooth and comfortable ride while keeping your tires in contact with the ground and assisting with safe cornering. It's parts include struts or shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, springs, and control arms among others. You might not think about the steering and suspension system whenever you hit a bump in the road or take a turn, but it's working hard behind the scenes to get you where you need to be.

When your experience problems with the suspension system, there are some noticeable signs. These include:

  • Car pulls to the side 
  • Steering becomes more difficult
  • Car bounces or dips over uneven surfaces
  • Vehicle squeaks while turning
  • Vehicle clunks during acceleration or decleration
  • Tire wear rate increases

These symptoms can overlap with other causes, but a service technician at Orangeville Auto Care can diagnose the cause and verify whether it is a problem with the suspension or another part. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Our services include:

Whether it's steering stability and a comfortable ride or the ability to slow down and stop on command, you need your brake and suspension systems in proper working condition for ride comfort and road safety.

You know how your vehicle rides and when something isn't performing right. When you notice a change in performance, call Orangeville Auto Care to schedule an appointment with our team.

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